Daily Prompt, Music

Today’s daily prompt is Music.

You can find music anywhere, it could be in the wind or what you say. Everywhere you can find music. If you listen you will find it.


Daily Prompt, Scars

Yesterday’s daily prompt was Scars.

How did I get that scar,

There was many ways I could’ve,

When I fell out of the tree,

When I ran into the pole,

I don’t know what it could be.

The Chocolate Cake, A Play

This is a play I wrote, I hope you like it!

A Chocolate Cake

Scene 1

(Marina stands frozen until lights come up then comes closer to middle stage)

Marina: (Talking in a stage whisper) I could go door to door asking for the ingredients or I could ask if anybody has an extra slice. I’ll ask Kiki what she thinks. (Marina walks to middle stage and Kiki walks on from stage left) Oh, there you are Kiki I was just about to go looking for you.

Kiki: What do you need this time?

Marina: Should I go door to door asking for ingredients or ask if anybody has an extra slice? Maybe I coul–

(Kiki cuts Marina off)

Kiki: Wait! What in the world are you talking about? What do you want an extra slice of or ingredients for?

Marina: Oh sorry. I want a chocolate cake but don’t have any money to buy one or the ingredients.

Kiki: How about you sell something to get money for it, like cookies! Continue reading