The Chocolate Cake, A Play

This is a play I wrote, I hope you like it!

A Chocolate Cake

Scene 1

(Marina stands frozen until lights come up then comes closer to middle stage)

Marina: (Talking in a stage whisper) I could go door to door asking for the ingredients or I could ask if anybody has an extra slice. I’ll ask Kiki what she thinks. (Marina walks to middle stage and Kiki walks on from stage left) Oh, there you are Kiki I was just about to go looking for you.

Kiki: What do you need this time?

Marina: Should I go door to door asking for ingredients or ask if anybody has an extra slice? Maybe I coul–

(Kiki cuts Marina off)

Kiki: Wait! What in the world are you talking about? What do you want an extra slice of or ingredients for?

Marina: Oh sorry. I want a chocolate cake but don’t have any money to buy one or the ingredients.

Kiki: How about you sell something to get money for it, like cookies!

Marina: Did you already forget that I don’t have any money to get ingredients?

Kiki: Woops! (Kiki scrunches up her face) Hmm… Maybe you could sell lemonade, I have lemons! We need sugar though.

Marina: I have sugar, and water, and ice! But we need a stand and a sign.

Kiki: We can use my dad’s card table for the stand. I also have puffy paint and fabric to make the sign!

Marina: Ok, meet me back here with everything in ten minutes!

(Marina exits stage right and Kiki exits stage left)

Scene 2

(Marina enters stage right, Kiki enters stage left and is slowly trying to carry all her stuff)

Marina: Kiki, you need help carrying that! (Shouted)

Kiki: (Panting like she was running and shakes her head) No, I’m fine!

Marina: That wasn’t a question. (shakes her head once)

(Marina runs to Kiki and takes the paint and fabric. Then they go just left of center stage and set

everything down)

Kiki: Ok, let’s sell a cup of lemonade for 25 cents.

(Fabric is on the ground with the side with words face up and pretends to write 25 cents on the fabric)

Marina: Ice cold lemonade, let me write it! (She writes “Ice Cold Lemonade” on the sign) Kiki since you’re better at drawing, could you draw little cups of lemonade with ice and a straw in them?

Kiki: Yeah! While I do that, how about you set up the table and start making lemonade?

(Kiki starts “drawing”)

Marina: Ok then, where are the lemons? I have the sugar, water, and ice but don’t know where you put the lemons.

(Marina points to everything as she says it)

Kiki: The bowl is right behind the table.

(Kiki points to the bowl)

Marina: Thanks!

(Marina sets up the table and Kiki finishes “drawing” lemonade)

Kiki: I finished drawing! I’ll hang up the sign and you can start making lemonade.

(Kiki hooks the fabric to the table. There could be a clip or something sticky on the bottom to hold it.)

Marina: Ok I guess I’ll start making lemonade! Do you want it extra sweet, do you want it sour or regular? I like extra sweet!

Kiki: Let’s just do regular.

(Kiki is fiddling with the sign)

Marina: Fine with me!

(Kiki is still fiddling with the sign)

Kiki: Ok the sign is up. If you want, I can get the lemons ready.

(Marina is taking lemons out of the bowl and then pours in the pitcher of water)

Marina: Yeah, work on the lemons. After you squeeze them, stick them in the water.

(Marina is now putting some sugar in the water.)

Kiki: Ok!

(Kiki and Marina are still “working” when lights go down)

Scene 3

(Lights come up and Marina is talking to “customers” and collecting money while Kiki pours lemonade)

Kiki: (talks to herself) We’ve had a lot of customers!

Marina: Miss Miller, do you want some lemonade? One cup is 25 cents!

Miss Miller: Yes please. Could I actually get three cups? I bet Bryan will drink two!

(Miss Miller points at Bryan)

Bryan: Hey!

Marina: (Marina looks at Kiki) Kiki, I need 3 cups of lemonade! (Marina looks back at Miss Miller) Miss Miller, that is 75 cents.

(Kiki pretends to pour lemonade)

Kiki: Hi Miss Miller. Hi Bryan. Here are your two cups Bryan, and here is yours Miss Miller!

Miss Miller: Here you go! (Hands Marina some “money”)

(Sam walks up)

Marina: Hey Sam! Do you want some lemonade? It’s just 25 cents a cup!

Sam: Sure. Can I get five for my bros playing volleyball?

(Marina looks at Kiki)

Marina: Kiki is that fine?

Kiki: What’s fine?

Marina: (Shakes her head) Never mind. Kiki, I need five cups of lemonade. (Turns to Sam) That will be $1.25.

(Kiki pretends to pour some lemonade)

Sam: Can it just be a dollar?

Marina: If you buy 4 cups.

Sam: Fine. $1.25 Here you go.

(Sam hands some “money” to Marina)

Kiki: Here is your lemonade Sam. Don’t drink it all at once!

Sam: Some of it is for my bros, I’m only drinking a cup.

Kiki: Ok fine.

Marina: Kiki, next customer. Hey Sasha! Do you want some lemonade. A cup is just 25 cents!

Sasha: Sorry no. I’m going to Grandma Sue’s house and then we’re going to get some ice cream and Root Beer Floats.

Marina: Is Papa Jones going to be there? He might like some lemonade and I would buy it if you wanted.

Sasha: No, but Celia will.

Marina: Do you think she would like some lemonade?

Kiki: Sasha, we are going to buy lemonade for Celia and you can take it to her. End of story.

(Kiki pretends to pour lemonade)

Sasha: I am at least paying. (looks at Kiki then back at Marina) Marina, here is 25 cents.

(Sasha hands Marina “money”)

Kiki: And here’s your lemonade!

(Kiki hands Sasha a lemonade)

Marina: Bye Sasha. Say hi to Grandma Sue for me!

(Lights Down)

Scene 4

(Lights up, Marina and Kiki are sitting on the floor counting “money”)

Kiki: This is a lot!

Marina: It is a lot, but yesterday I went to check how much money a cake was and I don’t think we have enough.

Kiki: Well, I have $15.05!

Marina: I have $10.21. Which means we have only $25.26 (Said in a sad voice) That isn’t enough to buy ingredients.

Kiki: We could just buy one of those boxes where the cake mix is inside and we just add the other ingredients?!?!

Marina: Yea, but it would be more fun if we actually made it.

Kiki: If we want any cake, it’ll have to do!

Marina: We also would have to buy frosting. (Getting sadder by the second)

Kiki: I’ll run to the store. See you soon!

Marina: Bye! (Said very saddly)

(Kiki runs off through stage right just before lights go down)

Scene 5

(Lights up, Liz, Marina, Miss Miller, Bryan, Sam, and Sasha are on stage. Liz and Marina are sitting on the floor eating cake)

Marina and Liz: Yum!

Marina: This is really good!

Sam: Can I have another lemonade?

Liz: Yep, go take one!

Sasha: Thanks for giving us the extra chocolate cake!

Liz: Someone has to eat it. Marina, let’s go dance.

(Marina and Liz stand up and dance. After a while, Marina and Liz go to middle stage, Sasha, Miss Miller, Sam, and Bryan also come over eating cake. Everyone bows.)


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